Grow your business with greater control over your financials

Grow your business with greater control over your financials

Get up and running quickly with the right ERP solution for your growing business. At blue Technology Co.,Ltd, we provide you with a high-performance software that enables you to adapt processes without disruption daily operations. You'll be ready to meet the unique needs of your business in no time. 

If your business is growing and ready to take on more opportunities, ClearView Cloud ERP can help. ClearView Cloud ERP is designed to simplify and steamline business processes across your entire organization to help you gain better control, increase your margins, and drive profitable growth.

WHY ClearView Cloud ERP?

Gain greater control by knowing that your system will help drive decision-making processes and enable your people to be more productive. ClearView Cloud ERP gives you confidence that the right people in your organization are making the right decisions.

  • Steamline financials practices and get a clear view of your financials.

  • Identify and target your top customers to drive new sales opportunities.

  • Deliver superior customer service with effective service order management.

  • Build customer loyalty with customer-specific pricing and discounts.

Quickly deploy a flexible system that does everything you need for your businesses.

Financial management and accounting

Manage your cash, fixed asset, receivables, payables, and banking.

Supply chain and production

Track and manage your purchase requests, orders, stock requisitions, semi-production.

Supply chain and production

Manage your leads, sales opportunities, quotation, orders, and after sales services.

Project cost accounting

Track your project profitability by sales revenue, and cost by projects.

Business intelligence and reporting

Microsoft PowerBI integration to visualization your business operation decision making.

Trade business-to-business (B2B)

Manage your supply chain business by tracking sales representatives call plan (GPS/Time), promotion, POSM/Merchandizing, and sales by mobile app.

Simplify wholesaler B2B

Save time and less problem for wholesales ordering processes through a mobile app for retailers.

Flexible deployment and Customization

Deploy on-premise or in the cloud and customize modules that best fit for your businesses.



Fully control your restaurant multiple branches and simply daily operation

ClearView Cloud ERP Integration

The daily transaction will be uploaded to cloud ERP system.

Point of Sales (Online/Offline)

Manage your point of sales by high-performance system, fully functionalities, and easy to use.

Tablet Ordering and Self Services

Launch a mobile application and let your customers order from their tablets

Loyalty and Membership 

Manage the loyalty customers by difference tier level, and provide them a rewards and promotion to maintain existing customer and attract new customers.


Fully control your multiple branches retailer shop and simply daily operation

ClearView Cloud ERP Integration

The daily transaction will upload to cloud ERP system.

Electronic Scale

Electronic scale integrated with point of sales system.

Warehouse Device Integration

Manage stock counting without close the store

Label Printing

Create own product label with barcode, item description, and price.


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Mobile Distribution Solution

The best solution to manage your distribution or logistics business, our solution provides a mobile distribution app for all salespersons to perform their daily work activities. the solution helps your sales & marketing director quickly receive up-to-date all sales transactions and marketing information from the salesperson for the decision to make a strategy plan.

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