ClearView Restaurant POS can help you manage your restaurant faster and easier. Control your inventory, tables, restaurant menus, & accounting - for a professional dining experience.

ClearView Restaurant POS is used by hundreds of restaurants throughout Cambodia. It is developed in-house by blue technology and is a stable and mature restaurant point of sale solution.

ClearView Restaurant POS Management System has the key features needed by any restaurant:

  • Inventory control: keep track of what stock is on-hand or out of stock.

  • Table management: reserve tables, block tables, split tables, or move customers or items to a different table.

  • Menus, menu items, and menu item packages. Make it easy to control which items can be sold in which shifts.

  • Khmer and English language from POS interface.

  • Compatible with cash drawers, barcode scanners, and keyboards.

  • Quickly send orders to the kitchen - fewer mistakes and faster service.



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