ClearView HCM is a Human Resources Management System that ensures everyday human resources processes are manageable and easy to access

Why choose ClearView HCM from blue technology?


  1. Ends the frustration of gathering HR information from countless sources

  2. Secures your critical staff data in a central repository

  3. Implements HR best practices throughout your organization

  4. Helps you make fast, informed decisions based on rich HR information and analytics

  5. Organizes your workforce for optimal  growth with powerful planning tools

  6. Supports your strategic HR initiatives with robust facts, figures and analysis

  7. Manages legislative risk by effortlessly generating standard Cambodian labor law reports


With ClearView HCM, you will save time and money

Whether you manage a staff of 100 or 20,000, keeping track of all that employee data can be a nightmare. If you’re still struggling to get the job done with spreadsheets and manual forms, why not try ClearView HCM?


ClearView HCM is Cambodia’s leading human resource (HR) management system. It's a full featured solution that is installed on and 

runs off your current computer network, so you don’t have to spend money on new IT equipment. It just works on your current computer 



ClearView HCM is currently used by over seventy of the biggest enterprises in Cambodia. Our customers range from small businesses to hotels and multi-national corporations. ClearView HCM is an international brand with deployments throughout SouthEast Asia.

These fast growing companies use ClearView HCM because it meets their HR administration, tracking, and reporting needs. ClearView  HCM can be easily customized to suit your organization's structure and needs. At the touch of a button, key decision-making information can be extracted and managed, such as:


  •     payroll

  •     leave management

  •     employee performance review

  •     training and employee development

  •     employee relations

  •     promotions and pay adjustments

  •     occupational health and safety

  •     recruitment

  •     employment equity

  •     report generation and analytics

  •     and more…


Don't make a costly mistake!  

Many companies make the mistake of purchasing an expensive piece of international HR software, just to find out that it's not suitable for the  local business environment. Don't make this mistake! ClearView HCM is developed based on international standards and was adapted to meet the requirements of South East Asian markets, including Cambodia. That's why it works right out of the box, without extensive customizations (for which other software vendors might charge you a hefty fee!). 


ClearView HCM is developed by a team of HR specialists who understand the local culture, business, and regulatory  environment in Cambodia and ClearView HCM is user friendly. If your staff can use a computer for work, they can easily learn to use ClearView HCM with  minimal training. The interface is as intuitive as your favorite word processing software. In fact, ClearView HCM allows you to easily meet and exceed the reporting requirements to be in compliance with local labor law.


Local support

You can reach the ClearView HCM support team by telephone, email, web, or through on site support, and you can speak English or Khmer. Should you ever run into a problem with ClearView HCM, our team will be on hand to help you troubleshoot and solve your problems! We have been doing this for over fifteen years.


How will ClearView HCM innovate your HR administration?


  • it makes the work of the HR department faster, more transparent, and keeps track of all the data. 

  • it ensures that your HR professionals have real-time, secure, and instantly available information from any location.

  • it reduces time needed for administration and frees up time for strategic and high value HR activities. managers and employees can now help themselves using self service.

  • it will end frustrating disparate systems and searches through paper files and spreadsheets, tedious report creation using incomplete and out-of-date data, time consuming phone calls and emails between managers and HR staff. the ClearView HCM solution becomes your central source of information and a secure repository of vital people information for your entire organization.


ClearView HCM as a source of ongoing competitive advantage

ClearView HCM can help take your business to a higher level and give you an ongoing competitive advantage. It can streamline 

business functions and help your HR staff work more efficiently. Have a system where everything is in one central place and shared  throughout your company with the people who need access to certain information. Whether they are located in the same building

or across the country, your employees will be able to access the data they need and update it accordingly.


Key Features


  • employee Information: contact information, emergency contacts, hiring date, promotions, disciplinary action if any, and salary.


  • payroll: keep track of scheduling, salaries, year to date amounts, month to date amounts and other payroll activities.


  • training and certification: know which employees have gone on training, and which ones need to be scheduled. keep track of certifications or license renewals. this is helpful for businesses that employ plumbers, electricians, etc.


  • documentation: company manuals and procedures can be kept in one place and accessed when needed. copies can be printed, or to save paper, accessed by computer.


  • employee self service: this is an excellent way for employees to update their own data and reduces the risk of errors. employees can have direct access to their own information and update it as needed. security measures can be put in place so that employees will only have access to their own information. each employee would have their own user id and password and security keys or other authentication devices can be given out so they can access their information from home.


  • recruiting: HR staff can look for talented recruits from within the company or from outside sources like job websites. invite qualified people to interview for job openings and highlight those that are most qualified. keep copies of their CVs, portfolios, notes from the interviewer and more.


  • leave: know at a glance which employees are on leave, which ones have requested leave and who has seniority in requests. also, keep track of leave pay if and when paid out.


When your business runs with  precision and efficiency, there are fewer errors, more streamlined activity, and happier employees. This means less sick time, less gossip, and more productivity, which in turn means more profits for the company. Employees will feel valued and be less likely to look for a new job elsewhere. They will be more likely to recommend their friends to interview with the company. When you are comparing features of a software system, be sure and choose one that fits your needs. There are many different systems that offer a wide range of services. You want to find something that fits with your company, but has enough features that it can grow with your business. Whether you have a manufacturing business, a school, a hotel, or a gift baskets business, you can take it to the highest limits and improve your profit margin with an HR software solution package. You can maintain a competitive advantage for years to come.    


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