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As an equipment leasing or auto leasing company, you need a tight control on your contracts and fast back office processes. You need to monitor how long it is taking from receiving an application to finally approving the loan. Additionally, you may need to file reports to the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC).

Equipment Leasing

As the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) notes, seven out of ten businesses are projected to use some form of equipment leasing and financing in order to secure the new equipment they need. The latest trends show growth in the equipment leasing sector all over the world – especially in North America, Africa and Asia.

In 2016, more dependable economic growth will help to generate stronger overall investment in equipment and software. Additionally, a rising interest rate environment could induce companies to lock in lower rates. Overall, these trends could yield a positive result for the equipment finance industry.

Soft4Leasing is the equipment lease management software that allows you to manage your equipment leasing operations throughout your company, from the front office to the back office. Soft4Leasing supports various asset financing concepts ‒ financial (finance, capital) lease, operational (operating, contract hire) lease, hire purchase, chattel mortgage and others. Thanks to the modular structure of Soft4Leasing, you can choose what you need now and be sure that you will have what is needed for your future business growth – all in the same system.

The equipment leasing solution Soft4Leasing is currently being used by leasing companies in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa and is now spreading to Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to more than 3,500 Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide, equipment lease software Soft4Leasing can be adjusted to your needs and supported locally without significant investment.

Auto Leasing

According to a KPMG study, since the 1920s the finance and leasing business has become an integral part of the automotive industry, particularly in Japan, North America and Western Europe. More recently, it has also begun to gain a strong foothold in the emerging markets.

Differing rules, regulations and capital requirements can make it difficult for some businesses to scale efficiently.

Soft4Leasing is an international leasing software for the automotive market. Soft4Leasing supports various asset financing concepts ‒ financial (finance, capital) lease, operational (operating, contract hire) lease, hire purchase, chattel mortgage, novated lease and others. You can choose what you need now and be sure that you will have what is needed for your future business growth – all in the same system.

As the vehicle leasing software Soft4Leasing is built on the advanced Microsoft Dynamics NAV technological platform, it allows for merging accounting and leasing management efficiently, keeping all data in one place and using the best part of what Microsoft has created for its business solutions: data consistency, multi-language, multi-currency, integrated CRM and document management, access through mobile devices, integrated web services and more than 3,500 local partners worldwide who can serve you right away at your location.

The auto lease software Soft4Leasing is being used in Europe and North America, and rapidly expanding its presence in Asia, Australasia and Africa. Thanks to the thousands of Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide, the car leasing software Soft4Leasing can be adjusted to the needs of your business and supported locally without significant investment.

What's Next?

If you are a leasing company in Cambodia, Laos, or Myanmar (or in any other country), you need a partner who understands your industry. With blue technogy, you have found that partner. blue technology has a strong track record implementing SOFT4Leasing. We understand your industry and are ready to meet your needs.



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