LS Nav Hospitality is powerful restaurant management software for superior guest service. Cut into food costs and expenses with an all-in-one software solution
Is your POS and restaurant software system supporting or hindering your potential for growth?

From the ability to handle intricate orders or delivery options, to the complexities of running an efficient kitchen, to smooth management of table reservations, restaurateurs and other food service operators are faced with many different challenges – multiple times a day. Yet, guests expect an invariably fast, high-quality and error-free customer service.


Being flexible and mobile is turning into a necessity rather than a choice. As online and mobile ordering is becoming a common habit, more and more guests expect their favorite restaurant and diners to be able to offer them a multi-channel experience. As success in the hospitality industry relies heavily on a business’s ability to satisfy their clients and gain repeated patronage, food operators must put customer service at the heart of their business.

Reduce order and checkout time, create menu flexibility, decrease operational costs

LS Nav Hospitality is a fully integrated restaurant management software with a multilingual POS system that can help you increase the efficiency and margins of your dining and food service company, streamline your processes, speed up your tasks and make your customers happy – and keeping on coming back for more!

Key Features and Benefits:

Restaurant POS

Stop frustrating your diners and your staff. With the LS Nav POS, your staff can become experts in 15 minutes.

  • Flexible & easy to use POS system

  • Manage split and partial bills

  • Take orders & payments directly at table with mobile POS

  • Connected to kitchen display - no risk of errors

  • Fits all kinds of restaurants: fine dining, casual dining, fast food, bars

  • Modification of ingredients at POS.

Restaurant & Table Management
Kitchen Management

Rationalize your kitchen, eliminate the risks of miscommunication and prepare more dishes in less time.

  • Recipe management system: file your recipes, arrange them by style, category and ingredients, make variations, and automatically calculate the quantities of ingredients you need per portion.

  • Kitchen display & kitchen printing: prepare dishes in the right order.

  • Synchronized timing: setup system so dishes are finished at same time.

Customers & Mobile

Manage your tables accurately and optimize the space in your restaurant floor.

  • Handle reservations: arrivals, no-shows, and cancelled bookings.

  • Graphical table management: scroll through table layouts with intuitive graphic view of tables.

  • Table status control: waiter can view status of tables in their sector, check if customers have been served, & display alerts for tables.

  • Sort menu items into groups: starters, main course, desserts, drinks, etc.

Customer segmenting, loyalty, & mobile app. With LS Nav Hospitality you will be able to offer multi-channel loyalty schemes. Enable your guests to earn and use points in your locations, on your e-commerce site and through the mobile app.

Staff Management
  • Plan staff rosters fast and easily.

  • Handle staff hours and schedule shifts

  • Estimate costs and compare budget to actual.

  • Calculate staff commissions.


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