What is SAP Bussiness One for Manufacturing?

with our manufacturing software solutions, you can easily build dashboards and define KPIs that deliver real-time information, giving you full visibility of your business so you can adapt quickly and maintain your competitive edge in the market. Data is stored centrally and online, not in offline spreadsheets, thus eliminating the manual entry of data into reporting tools and increasing accuracy.

Industrial Engineer

With the right manufacturing software, you can improve production efficiency & increase productivity

5 key functions for our manufacturing software Beas Manufacturing

Improve Cash Flow

-Gain visibility into your operations
-Track “cash in and cash out” processes
-Reduce production costs in real-time.
-Use data insights to efficiently...

Reduce Costs

-Use your team members efficiently 
-Reduce staff overhead 
-Cut the costs of IT ownership 
-Practice strategic sourcing to lower costs associated

Enhance Competitive Advantage

Respond faster to a changing market 
-Improve the customer experience 
-Maintain tight cost control 
-Disrupt traditional business models and take your company to the next level

Enable Growth & Maintain Quality

-Develop a technology roadmap to support your business growth
-Analyze your performance in real-time, compare actual results
-Simplify processes by integrating software across purchasing, finance, accounting, and the shop floor.

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

-Reduce time spent on administration with automated workflows 
-Access the information you need, quickly and easily with management dashboards.
-Simplify tasks and streamline processes by using application technology