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Commercial Property Management has changed a lot since the beginning of the century. Companies going global and the increasing number of new start-ups mean more business transactions and a growing demand for places and spaces for businesses to settle.

Whether you manage typical commercial and retail property like offices, shopping centers, industrial properties or other exclusive properties (anything you want to lease out), your workload tends to increase – more contracts, terms, billing and invoicing, tracking of vacancies and analyzing, and of course, more maintenance orders. It is very difficult to deal with hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of tenants if your property management process is not optimized.

Office Rentals

Phnom Penh, Yangon, and other cities across Asia offer a constantly changing landscape, with new developments coming continuously. New business projects bring with them new challenges and a business solution like SOFT4RealEstate can help you manage these challenges.

As cities across Asia evolve, there will be more contracts, terms, invoicing, tracking and analyzing, along with more maintenance and work orders. It is very difficult to deal with hundreds or thousands of tenants if your property-management process is not optimized.

Shopping Centers

Many new shopping centers are opening up across Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Yangon, and other cities across Asia. If you are having to manage a large number of tenants in your shopping center project, it will become increasingly challenging to keep track of your data.

Calculating and distributing common area maintenance (CAM) fees, changing retail areas with the history on changes kept, building pricing as a % of monthly sales/ turnovers, and allowing your tenants more opportunities for self-service are the key information management challenges for retail managers.

Companies that use Soft4RealEstate benefit by not having to keep all their data in Excel spreadsheets, which is really time consuming. Using Soft4RealEstate, things like calculating management fees are a snap. If you are managing multi-million dollar properties, then by investing in a solution like SOFT4RealEstate, your managers will have more time. You can use your resources to focus on creating a great experience for the visitors of your shopping center and finding new tenants, not on administering your lease/rental contracts.

Industrial Properties

As developing countries throughout Asia grow, the demand for industrial space is expected to grow as well. Industrial property demand is on the rise and it is expected that the vacancies for industrial space will decrease significantly, meaning more challenging times for industrial property managers.

Moreover, the workload will be increasing – more contracts, terms, invoicing, tracking of vacancies and analyzing, along with more maintenance work. It is very difficult to deal with hundreds or thousands of tenants if your property-management process is not optimized. In order to do that, managers need realistic forecasts, faster and more efficient planning and accounting, and visual tracking and management of vacant/occupied spaces.

What's Next?

If you are managing numerous properties or are investing millions of dollars in property developments which your team will need to manage, then you should consider purchasing a solution to manage your properties. blue technology offers SOFT4RealEstate, a world class solution developed in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. Before you buy, think about having one solution for your property rental contracts, tenant database, purchasing, and accounting. Reach out to our team if you want to learn more.



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