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With the right manufacturing software, you can improve production

efficiency & increase productivity

When you choose the right manufacturing software you gain a better insight into your Manufacturing business, that can help you understand the product margins easier. You will be able to capture, assign and compare actual and standard costs for all finished products. The ability to capture true costs at batch level provides granular cost visibility, which is key to success. This includes not only material costs, but labor, machine and overhead costs as well, and it covers the additional need to include the cost of co-products, by-products and the impact of waste.


But to achieve this, you must ensure all your data is integrated into your manufacturing software. By using Data Integration Hub, it is possible to automate the complex and time-consuming process of entering BOM data and calculating its accurate cost. With this integration in place, a process that would usually take your highest-paid engineering staff a week to complete now only takes a few minutes.


Your resources need to be optimized to maximize production output, reduce changeover and setups, while meeting customer demand. With a manufacturing software capacity planning, initial delivery dates can be calculated via finite backward scheduling. When combined with APS, both material availability and capacity can be scheduled together to calculate a viable delivery date, enabling the planning of large numbers of short-run production orders.

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Real-Time Visibility

Choose a manufacturing software that includes a wide variety of functions to enable you to keep track of every relevant aspect in your production planning. For example, if the expiration of raw materials is an issue, manufacturing software offers a report that identifies all the lots that are due to expire within a certain number of days. In addition, planned downtime can be managed on the resource maintenance calendar, and production schedule can be automatically moved from a stopped resource to an active resource.


Furthermore, with manufacturing software solution you can easily build dashboards and define KPIs that deliver real-time information, giving you full visibility of your business so you can adapt quickly and maintain your competitive edge in the market. Data is stored centrally and online, not in offline spreadsheets, thus eliminating the manual entry of data into reporting tools and increasing accuracy.

5 key functions for our manufacturing software Beas Manufacturing

Improve Cash Flow

  • Gain visibility into your operations to more accurately project required cash buffers.

  • Track “cash in and cash out” processes as they occur so that you can more tightly manage cash flow.

  • Reduce production costs by accessing data in real-time to monitor

  • and control operations closely.

  • Use data insights to efficiently manage your staff, supply chain, and production operations, reducing inventory and resource requirements.

Enhance Competitive Advantage

  • Respond faster to a changing market by using analytics to track critical information about competitors, prices, and discounts.

  • Improve the customer experience with a collaborative approach that is supported by information sharing across digital business networks.

  • Maintain tight cost control by using real-time analytics to optimize operational processes.

  • Disrupt traditional business models and take your company to the next level by exploiting new opportunities offered by digital transformation.

  • Be ready to adapt to changing business models and ensure that you can scale quickly and flexibly to meet new requirements as your company grows

Reduce Costs

  • Use your team members efficiently and reduce staff overhead through effective scheduling and by matching your available resources to your needs.

  • Cut the costs of IT ownership by purchasing integrated software – such as suite solutions rather than point solutions – so you have less to manage.

  • Practice strategic sourcing to lower costs associated with finding and qualifying suppliers by using advanced collaboration tools and business commerce networks.

Enable Growth & Maintain Quality

  • Develop a technology roadmap to support your business growth and help you achieve your digital transformation goals, giving you a competitive edge over companies that aren’t as innovative.

  • Analyze your performance in real-time, compare actual results against a forecast, and proactively identify areas for improvement.

  • Simplify processes by integrating software across purchasing, finance, accounting, and the shop floor.

  • When you are expanding internationally, choose technology from vendors who understand global requirements such as tax legislation and provide solutions that help you stay compliant and control operations closely.

  • Use data insights to efficiently manage your staff, supply chain, and production operations, reducing inventory and resource requirements.

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

  • Reduce time spent on administration with automated workflows that leverage technology based on the Internet of Things and machine learning.

  • Access the information you need, quickly and easily, with in-memory computing solutions providing data updates in real-time, so you can make decisions more quickly. Enhance decision making with real-time reporting in a format that suits your needs, such as with management dashboards.

  • Simplify tasks and streamline processes by using application technology with built-in, best-in-class business practices

  • Monitor your key performance indicators across all functional areas of your business in real-time to track progress and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Monitor cash flow across the organization to manage cash and inventory more efficiently

Beas basic functions & additional modules

Beas Manufacturing concentrates on a number of additional modules for manufacturing industries in order to map their business processes. Beas Manufacturing basis functions are included in the Beas standard version. All other functions are add-on modules, that can be added individually.

Beas Manufacturing Basic Modules



The manufacturing functions include specific strategies / functions for materials management: order and stock related production, mixed and variant production as well as the necessary functions for the appropriate production planning and execution of manufacturing orders. Watch the recording and learn about the material requirement planning process, how to analyze results and the order creation process under the MRP functionality.


Enable Growth & Maintain Quality

  • Primary demands from forecasts MPS, SCM, sales orders, stock control.

  • MRP based on master data, calculation data and/or work order data.

  • Single- / multi-level products, make-to-stock, make-to-order, mix-mode


Calculation results

  • Gross, net, lot-size oriented, with / without multilevel pegged requirements.

  • Proposals for internal manufacturing, outsourcing, purchasing.


Usability Improvement of scheduling data

  • Brut, net, lot-size oriented, with / without full pegging

  • Requisitions for internal manufacturing, outsourcing, purchasing.

  • Various filters for; orders, requirements per day, week, month.


Schedule Horizons & calculation

  • Planning / calculation scenarios for e.g. short-term, rolling or budget scheduling.

  • Detail or rough-cut scheduling.



  • Selectable according to your expected results


Integration Hub

Aware of the steadily increasing demand for enterprise-wide integration of main and subordinate processes, as well as the need to have full control and transparency of business processes through procedure and regulation releases, our latest functional extension has been dedicated to these application areas.


Support of

  • XML

  • CSV

  • MS Excel file formats

  • SQL data access


Integration of

  • CAD / PDM systems (items, BOM, drawings, routings)


Highly Flexible Configuration

  • Via mapping on file and field level, even for complex multi-level XML-data structures; the creation of an integration logic has been considerably simplified.


Automated Transfer of Production

  • Integration of MES, SCADA, LIMS, WMS systems with automated transfer of production quantities and times, process and energy data, material transactions, etc.


Quality Control & Release Management

In addition to fulfilling high-quality standards, most small and medium-sized manufacturing companies must also be able to document them. Beas offers efficient functions which allow to plan and execute the necessary quality tests during the material flow, from initial procurement across manufacturing until shipment. Various kinds of test orders can be assigned to external as well as internal working steps (operations).


QC Inspection Plan

  • Various types related to master data, for all steps across business process / supply chain.

  • Control and acceptance steps, measurements, attachments, documents.


QC Order Generation

  • Manually, automatically, condition-based with fix rules, additionally customizable based on scripts

  • Conditions for random samples; per order/operation; all x orders / pieces / batches; per time unit, ...


Test, Acceptance & Release management

  • Flexible definable and executable scenarios at all levels

  • 4-eyes acceptance, electronic signature, electronic recording of activities


Product Order Management

With Beas production order management module, you can create sales order-specific bills of material and routings, automatically using order proposal lists, via calculation structures or sales order, as well as from Beas product or variant configurator. Manage and change production orders directly in the work order structure with selectable levels of detail, multi-level BOMs and associated routings.


Create Sales Order Specific BOM’s

  • Via demand of a customer’s order

  • Via calculation structures


Different Order Types

  • Customers order

  • Warehouse order

  • Repair order

  • Sample order

  • Overhead order, ...


Manage & Change

  • Routing cards, scheduling cards, pay slips

  • Material requisition cards or removal bills of material

  • Barcode for automatic feedback


Release Production Order

  • Print production documents


Record Production Time

  • Manually

  • Via integrated production data collection

  • Via order structure

  • Control and revise entered labor time


Manage & Change

  • Directly into the work order structure, including

  • Selectable levels of detail

  • Multi-level bills of materials

  • Associated routings


Material management

Material Management includes material-related functions that are linked to the supply of the company and the control of the material flow, from manufacturing to delivery of the finished products. For all company structures, we provide many key functions and benefits of the Beas material management module such as multiple material requirements models, extended batch and serial number processing and additional options for control of goods receipt.


Control Goods Receipt

  • Automated income goods transaction with printing of goods receipt documents and/or labels



  • Gross/net Scheduling by item

  • Information on; inventory, scheduled Goods Receipt/Goods Issue.


Multiple Material Requirements Models

  • MRPI / MRPII can be selected

  • Different strategies considering standard bills of material / routings



  • Retroactive Postings based on Demand to Work Orders

  • Unscheduled Postings based on Demand to Work Orders


Version Number Processing

  • Version number at item / BOM item level

  • Manual entry or transfer from CAD/PDM

  • Automated transfer


Extended Inventory

  • Supports batches, serial numbers, warehouses / bin locations

  • User-defined inventory count lists

  • PS


Extend Processing

  • Extended Batch Processing

  • Automatic numbering can be selected

  • Extended Serial Number Processing


Reservation & Allocations

  • Hard reservations of material: physical & projected stock & for sale orders

  • Allocation warehouse; for production, shipment & precise material


Wherehouse /Bin Location Management

  • User-defined warehouses / bin locations with up to 3 dimensions based on vector graphics


Multiple Material Requirements Models

  • MRPI / MRPII can be selected

  • Different strategies considering standard bills of material / routings,


Mobile Data Collection

  • For WLAN- and Windows Mobile-based devices

  • Stock movements; Receipts from / issues for production, Goods receipts / issues,  ..


Material Coding & Labeling

  • Integrated in Beas modules and/or integration of third-party solutions for dedicated industries (e.g. Code soft labeling system)


Calculation / Product Costing

Beas calculation and product costing module offers a comprehensive consideration of data and parameters for bottom-up calculation such as pre-calculation of BOMs and routings, recipes, projects, with access to SAP Business One pricing included special conditions and volume discounts. Beas provides information like full and marginal costs, contribution and profit margin, sales price as well as batch calculation with several filters to inquire differences in work orders and analyses variations in the production process.


Automated Product Cost/Pricing

  • Automated income goods transaction with printing of goods receipt documents and/or labels.


High Flexible in Application of the result

  • High flexibility in application and definition of the results.

  • Pre, current and post calculation with free definable calculation scheme.



  • Batch calculation with several filters to inquire differences in work orders and analyses variations in the production process



  • Variation of calculation data, pricing parameters, cost rates, quantities

  • Information like full and marginal costs, contribution and profit margin, sales price


Generation of Calculation/Structure

  • Generation of calculation data to integrate in sales quotation and order management

  • Integrated transfer of calculation data to work order for further processing


Comprehensive Consideration of Data of Bottom-up calculation

  • Pre-calculation of BOMs and routings, recipes, projects, with access to SAP Business One pricing incl. special conditions and volume discounts


Version & Revision Control

Discrete production, starting without interruption from engineering via CAD/PDM integration to master data, calculation data, work orders, history, products in stock, shipped and/or under maintenance. Batch and serial number tracking are also supported in the same way. Process / regulated manufacturing, seamlessly starting from Product development/documentation with formulations, properties, documents, release for commercialization, master data for production, calculation data, work orders and more. In combination with batch and serial number tracking.


Version & Revision

  • At item level, at BOM (multi-)level, any number of versions in parallel

  • Flexible assignment of BOMs and routings allows 1:1, 1: n and n:1 relation

  • Active, inactive, released, blocked, valid from – to, history of changes


Release Management & Approval Process

  • At levels of item version / revision, BOM and routing

  • Workflow customizable

  • Calculation of master data, work orders, manually created calculation objects


Process /Regulated Manufacturing

  • Product development/documentation with formulations, properties, documents, release for commercialization, master data for production, calculation data, work orders, history, products on stock, shipped products, ending at cross-references products/customers usable in case of changed regulatory.


Discrete Manufacturing

  • Product development via CAD/PDM bidirectional data integration to master data, calculation data, work orders, history, products in stock, shipped and / or under maintenance

  • Additionally, full batch and serial number tracking is supported


External Manufacturing

Management and recognition of external works centers and routings.


External Manufacturing

  • Generation of purchase orders

  • Management of parts provided incl. delivery notes

  • Special handling for goods receipt for purchase orders

Manufacturing Additional Modules


Advanced Planning & Scheduling

APS means Advanced Planning and Scheduling. The APS complements the planning functions of the Beas Manufacturing Basic license with further functions for detailed planning. New or existing work order positions are calculated using predefined calculation types. Learn about the possibilities for creating APS scenarios, as well as how to work with sorting for prioritized calculations in APS and how to use directly scheduled resources.


Graphical Visualization of scheduling results

  • Table forms and Gantt charts (drag & drop options)

  • Work order and resource-oriented views with critical situations, alternatives, etc.


Planning Type

  • Backward (material priority), forward (resource priority), manually per drag & drop

  • Dissolving backlog, forward earliest possible end / delivery date, try to keep the end date


Parameters & interdependence

  • Resources / groups (machines, people, volumes, etc.) finite / infinite, alternative, parallel

  • Tools, material availability regulatory.


Workload Optimization

  • Table forms and Gantt charts (drag & drop options)

  • Work order and resource-oriented views with critical situations, alternatives, etc.


Project Management

Beas Manufacturing provides a powerful project management module, which provides transparency on tasks, budgets and activities, to have the possibility to control and adapt processes.


Project cockpit

  • Multi-level project structures

  • Comprehensive access to tasks, activities and areas like budget, purchasing, sales, production, service, attachments (documents) with project-related information

  • Seamlessly from overviews to single documents


Platform of business processes like

  • Product development, prototype construction

  • Projects, engineer-to-order / mixed-manufacturing

  • Constructions / installations on site, service, maintenance.


Key functions / benefits

  • Scalable from simple to complex project structures

  • Definition of simple projects with tasks, milestones and resources until networks including engineering, production, suppliers and customers

  • Multi-level budgets at a level project, collection of all documents from sales, purchasing, internal/external manufacturing, services and all sorts of costs/expense

  • Multi-level scheduling can be addressed according to their needs.

  • Tasks, milestones, detailed plans, MRPI / MRPII, APS (advanced planning and scheduling)

  • Bar and Gantt charts

  • Budget and controlling


Time & Production Data

A constantly updated overview of the work orders and a simple feedback of the production data such as times, states and quantities, e. g. via barcode, is provided by the recording of the time and production data. Data can be recorded via WEB and PC.


Production Data Collection/Production Control

  • Additional Master Data

  • Alternative collection terminals with partly reduced functionality.

  • Browser-based PCs, Tablets, Smartphones.

  • Industry devices e.g. Motorola.

  • Other collection and communication hardware/software on demand.


Access Control

  • Master Data

  • Day models

  • Possibility to specify fixed number of monthly hours or automatic calculation

  • Set up to 3 idle times per shift type

  • Rounding possible upon login or logoff

  • Flex-time management

  • Vacation account

  • Unlimited number of user-defined attendance types

  • Sick leave account


Additional Master Data

  • Time types can be allocated to

  • Productive time

  • Downtime

  • Overhead costs

  • Set up / Runtime

  • Pay type (e.g. regular or overtime)

  • Cost centre, work centre (machine)

  • Mandatory entries with rules / definitions


Time Attendance

  • Master Data

  • Human resource management

  • Any number of shift models

  • Shift rules and scheduling

  • Rotation of weeks

  • Automatic / semiautomatic shift selection

  • Manually select shift depending on the settings

  • Unlimited number of period rules with tolerance

  • Special rounding rules

  • Multiple flex-time counters


Reporting of Production Orders

  • Report labor time

  • Part, end or in-process message type

  • Linked to attendance recording considering time models

  • Additional reports for:

  • First pass quality

  • Scrap

  • External operations

  • Assignment / reassignment of cost centres

  • Terminal control in production, display order, queue by machine / machine group

  • Record orders and operations using barcode

  • Start and end time or duration

  • Based on attendance, shift rules and idle times taking into consideration downtimes and breakdown periods start and end time are automatically calculated

  • On multiple machines

  • On multiple word orders


HR Management, Reports

  • Manage vacation, attendance and shifts

  • Unlimited number of absence and attendance entries possible per day

  • Create barcoded employee cards

  • Present or absent employees

  • Record all data in detailed entry masks or in fast-entry lists » Different configuration possibilities for any number of terminals (PC-based)

  • Edit absence and attendance time

  • Edit clock-in, clock-out data with change log

  • Multiple statistics and reports

  • Overview and detailed reports of presence, absence of groups or individuals

  • Statistics about productivity / overhead of groups or individuals



With Beas Manufacturing for maintenance, you get a fully integrated maintenance solution and avoid unplanned production downtime. Increase the availability of your plant by planning downtimes and taking them into account in your production plan. Consideration of planned production downtimes enhances the quality in the delivery date determination and hence your competitiveness. Increase productivity and raise transparency in the planning process.


Short facts of beas maintenance

  • Automated maintenance order creation due to different key figures (operating hours, quantities, cycle times, etc.)

  • Maintenance of internal resources (machinery and tools)

  • Material planning for required spare parts (MRP, MRP2)

  • Monitoring of external machinery worldwide using the beas integration hub.

  • Report and manage of maintenance times about the production data acquisition.

  • Preparation of maintenance schedule with different maintenance activities and dates.

  • Capacity planning of the resources relevant for maintenance.

  • Consideration of planned downtimes in production planning.

  • Triggering of maintenance orders during disturbances about the production data acquisition.


Product Configurator

The product configurator enables you to manage product variants - for example, in the creation of a quotation or sales order the user can be guided through a simple wizard to configure, calculate and integrate the products. The structure of these products is based on the master data, such as items, BOMs and routings, and this can be used with SAP Business One in the quotation and sales order processing. from the selection of certain products for exclusive pricing, through simple material lists to fully integrated manufacturing, all applications are possible, and efficiency is maximized throughout.


Manu Controlled Management

  • Parameters, variables, formulas, string functions, conditions, rules, characteristics  

  • Additionally, visualized support of the configuration with pictures, graphs, other information.


Assignment of the configuration structure

  • Assignment of the configuration structure to fields, information of

  • Items, multi-level BOMs, routings


User Interface

  • Static user interface to fill in the selection parameters


Product Variants A-Z

  • Based on maximal BOM's and routings

  • Structure - allocations will be considered on multi-levels

  • Function - selection of used variant in quotations, orders,  ..


Variant Generator

  • Can be used without Product Configurator

  • Structure - manage values

  • Function - create BOMS and routings


Business Performance


Budget / multi-tenancy

  • Budgeting of cost types/groups, comparison of plan/actual

  • Copy to new tenancies, simulations, take-over of actual data as new basis for budget


Cost Objects

  • Cost objects, profit and loss, contribution accounting, process costing

  • + Definition of cost objects, e.g. lines of products

  • + Profit and loss statements per line of product revenues from accounting)

  • + Flexible structure, multi-level contribution accounting, contributions for product calculation

  • + Calculations of process-based costs consideration of transaction data)


Cost type, cost center calculation

  • Collection of transactions (quantities and values) from accounting, manufacturing, salaries


Fix and Variable Costs

  • Structure, distribution, apportionment of fix and variable costs

  • + Cost types, cost centers, groupings, distribution and       apportionment keys

  • + Free definable structures, groupings, aggregations

  • + Calculation of hourly rates (full and marginal costs) for calculation and direct costing


Dashboard Analysis

  • Provides the ‘inside view’ at the business processes - as basis for continuous improvements Analysis (e.g. productivity, profitability, quality control, lean manufacturing, other)

  • External supplier analysis

  • Quality control costs

  • Productivity of resources

  • Production performance actual vs. planned

  • Cost object controlling

  • Trends


Mobile & Web Modules

Mobility and availability of data capture applications on sophisticated handheld mobile devices or access through simple smartphones or tablets. There are terminal applications for Factory Data Collection also in web version, which facilitate the mobility, availability and ease of use for shop floor workers, easy access from sophisticated industrial handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets, helping these devices to facilitate data entry.

Key benefits and features

  • Does not require client installation, easy configuration

  • Multi-language and configurable by user

  • Available in Android, iOS mobiles or Desktop PC using a browser

  • Responsive apps, adapting information according to the screen size

  • Better usability with GS1-128 support

  • Support on multiple lines, batches and serial numbers for the same document

  • Faster and more simple way to register information

  • SAP and WMS bin warehouse support

Time Attendance

  • Available data capture terminal applications related to work order transactions:

  • WO Start - Stop to report time receipts

  • WO Time receipt

  • WO Goods issue or goods receipt

  • WO Backflushing

  • Start / Stop interruptions

Access Control

  • Possibility of warehouse management with the following transactions:

  • Goods Receipt PO

  • Goods issues

  • Goods receipt

  • Stock transfer and stock transfer request

  • Inventory counting

  • Sales order picking

HR Management, Reports

  • Additional apps that are available:

  • Inventory information: Inventory history; Batch / Serial information and warehouse stock

  • Attendance: Log on / Log Off

  • QC data capture: available soon, in second half of 2020