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Engage Your Employees - Grow Your Profits and Business

The ten causes of employees being disengaged (i.e. putting in minimal effort and not being motivated) are as follows:

  1. Feeling invisible or like they are a cog in a wheel or a slave

  2. Efforts of the employee are not measured or recognized

  3. Work seems irrelevant

  4. The job or workplace does not meet the expectations of the employee

  5. The job does not match the skills or interests of the employee

  6. The employee receives little to no feedback or coaching

  7. No access to professional development or training

  8. Employee does not see a possible career path

  9. Employee is overworked or stressed

  10. Employee does not trust or feel confident about the senior leaders of the company

When employees do not feel engaged in their organization, this will cause problems, for example:

  • employee does not put in effort (possibly spends excessive amounts of time on Facebook instead of working)

  • employees do not try to improve their skills

  • employees do not follow the rules or policies of the company

  • higher employee turnover

  • higher absenteeism

  • negative word of mouth and poor reputation of company

  • poor customer service

  • employees work slowly

Human resources are the most important asset for many types of businesses. You can invest in your human resources and your people in the following ways:

  • Clearly communicate the required skills and expectations of employees when they join the company

  • Assign a mentor to the employee and explain company culture, rules and policies to the employee

  • Frequently communicate the company's mission, vision, and values to employees.

  • Walk the talk! Employees will not trust or have confidence if the senior leadership says one thing but their actions speak louder than their words.

  • Job enlargement, job rotation, and job enrichment. This means that to keep employees engaged in your job you should either:

  • Give them more responsibility and a larger scope of tasks (provided that they have the skills to complete their job tasks)

  • Do not allow an employee to become bored with their job by allowing employees to rotate through different tasks in the organization

  • Communicate the importance of the job or if possible, design the job task so it is more interesting to perform.

  • Encourage your employees with praise, recognition, and performance incentives.

Engaged employees = faster work = better customer service = higher profits/growth

Are you ready to create an environment that works for your employees? Call us now at 023 215 889 to discuss purchasing a human capital management system (HR software package) or call 023 224 282 to discuss outsourcing your human resources services to our sister company blueHR Consulting.

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