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What is bluePayroll System?

bluePayroll is all-in-one HR software made for small and medium businesses and the employee who work in them. Our software makes it easy to collect, maintain, and analyze your employee data, improve the way you hire talent, personal & position data, manage compensation, and develop your company culture. It’s designed to set you free to focus on what matters most.


HR Administration

Gathering, storing and analyzing people data is a big part of HR, and many organizations depends on HR to manage employee quickly and accurately. Unfortunately, the amount of time and effort it takes to collect, study, and report on sensitive data using simple spreadsheets and paper files is almost a big as the security risk.

With bluePayroll, all employee information lives in a single, secure database, with powerful reporting tools and editing capabilities at your fingertips. Managing workforce data has never been easier, faster, or more fluid, and the road to exceptional HR has never been this clear.

Time and attendance tracking made easy.

Break up with punch cards, timesheets, and long days of calculating everyone’s hours. With our time and attendance software, employees punch in and out on the fingerprint or face devices screen or on their phones, edit their hours, and track the time they’ve worked on specific projects or tasks. everyone up to date with automatic reminders. No more forgotten entries, inaccurate payroll.


Managing employee data, tracking hours, and running payroll in multiple systems can mean hours of data entry, which means countless chances to make small errors that have big consequences. Fortunately, there’s a better option. Information in bluePayroll like wages, overtime, allowance, deduction, night shift, account numbers, and withholdings automatically flows into payroll, so you can skip the double entry and feel confident your data is up to date. We are compliance to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam labor law with tax setting, social security insurance and seniority pay.


As an HR professional, you know self-service is far more efficient than doing data entry yourself, but you also need to be able to control who can access sensitive employee information. Custom access levels in bluePayroll enable you to give each employee access to edit their own personal information while simultaneously limiting their access to sensitive company data. This capability alone removes a massive time and cost burden, all while preserving the security of your data. Beside that they can request/review leave taken, payslip, etc.

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