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Office Building

Real estate office 

Our System covers all the major needs of the office building management, from property lease and management to financial accounting. Get realistic forecasts on your vacancies, visual tracking and management of vacant/occupied spaces, automated periodic billing, reminders on expiring lease contracts and much more.

Commercial property management

Run your entire commercial property management business from one integrated platform. Real estate software allows accessing real-time data with integrated lease and rent management, financial accounting, document management, reporting and business analysis tools.


Shopping Mall Escalators

Retail property management

Overcome the key retail space management challenges: change retail areas with the history on changes kept, build pricing as a percentage of monthly sales/ turnovers and provide more opportunities for self-service for your tenants.

Mixed property management

Improve your property management operations whether you manage typical commercial and retail property like offices, shopping centres, industrial properties or exclusive properties such as caravans, yachts, parking lots or land plots.

Amusement Park
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