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hotel Check In

Property Management System (PMS)

Get all the information you need about your property and your guests. Manage guests, groups and corporate bookings. Get a real-time overview of maintenance, housekeeping and reservation status, and maximize room occupancy. Recognize returning guests, and delight them with personalized offers and special touches.


Retail Store

Take advantage of deep sales, promotions and stock management functionalities. Sell items in your stores, on stationary and mobile POS devices, and on the e-commerce site. Set prices, items and offers centrally. Manage your inventory optimally, minimizing out-of-stocks while reducing working capital using a mix of automated and manual tools.

Paying at the Store
Head Massage

Activities, facilities and extra services

Let your guests book a spa treatment, a massage or a personal trainer on your website, or at the hotel. Rent bikes, gym sets or ski equipment. Offer planning services for conferences, weddings, trade show and other special events, and manage it within the same platform all the way from room booking to ticketing to catering.

Food and Beverages (F&B)

Get all the tools you need to manage your restaurants, catering and food preparation services. Take orders at the Point of Sale and send them straight to the kitchen. Create recipes, menus and meal deals centrally. Manage table service and room service, and give your guests the quick, attentive service they deserve.


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