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House Frames

Borey & Condo Leasing

The real estate market in Southeast Asia is booming, with new projects coming non-stop. Many of these developers have a variety of operations: developing houses for sale on instalment loans, renting out office space and units in shopping centres, selling condos, and possibly even operating their own real stores.

Car Keys

Auto leasing

Manage your automotive leasing business efficiently with all-in-one auto leasing software. Increase front office productivity by providing quick quotations, prepare a quote for a customer over the telephone using pre-set conditions in the system and the user-friendly self-explanatory system interface, automate your leasing processes and expand your business.

Asset & Equipment leasing 

Manage your equipment leasing operations throughout your company, from the front office to the back office. Suitable for all types of equipment: office equipment, heavy equipment, IT equipment, farm equipment, etc. Manage funding, enjoy data integrity and consistency, improve your customer service.

Installation Power Buggy Rental
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