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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales?

Dynamics 365 Sales enables salespeople to build strong relationships with their customers, take actions based on insights, and close sales faster. Use Dynamics 365 Sales to keep track of your accounts and contacts, nurture your sales from lead to order, and create sales collateral.


Dynamics 365 Sales capabilities

Deliver frictionless engagement with a connected sales team.


Shift to digital experiences

- Know the exact customer to engage

- Complete the next best activity

- Communication with effective call techniques

- Connect across channels

- Meet and Collaborate Virtually

- Gather and act on customer feedback

Build relationships

- Get insights from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

- Find new buyers

- Keep track of buyers

- Get a unified view of interactions

- Identify customers who need attention

- know how to engage customers


Boost seller productivity

- Minimize routine tasks

- Cut time spent on data entry

- Prioritize daily activities 

- Automate sales and marketing processes

- Work seamlessly using everyday apps

Adapt to rapid changes

- Streamline forecasting

- Increase forecast accuracy

- Gain real-time visibility into sales performance 

- Tailor processes based on best practices

- Adapt AI for your unique needs

- Quickly create customer applications

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