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Boost your shopping center profits... With property management software

If you own a shopping center or office space, you have familiar problems. You need to manage the relationship with your all your tenants. You must keeping track of the sales turnover for your entire building and bill your tenants for their rent. You also need an overview of which units are available and which units have been leased. Perhaps you also want to keep track of marketing space in your building.

Well... you are in luck. SOFT4RealEstate is a perfect fit for shopping centers and commercial office space. SOFT4RealEstate is a property management system designed for companies that own and manage buildings. From SOFT4RealEstate, you can see an overview of your entire building. At a glance, you can see which marketing spaces are available. You can also see a list of all vacant units.

Interested? Of course. Here are some more features that are great for a shopping center:

  • automatically set rent rates based on tenant turnover

  • automatically increase your prices based on an index

  • see the history of tenant sales turnover for your entire building

  • get an overview of sales information for all your marketing spaces

  • fully integrated financial accounting, customer relationship management, fixed asset management, and work orders.

blue technology is the exclusive reseller of SOFT4RealEstate in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. Want to learn more or see a demo? Please contact us now to get started at +855 23 215 889.

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